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Hue Consulting; architectural color design services

Color is the caffeine in my day.  I am hyper-aware of the color in my surroundings and the little details that others might miss. When I see an inspired use of color in design, it makes my heart all aflutter.  As a creative person, artistic endeavors have always been integral to my life. Among other things, I’ve designed and painted theatrical sets, created edible art on high end cakes, and ran a pet portrait studio.   While immersed in the custom portrait biz, I was captivated by the challenge of capturing each pet’s personality using color psychology- tangerine and turquoise puppy, anyone?

My “aha” moment was discovering the immense world of applied color psychology and the human response to color via the International Association of Color Consultants (IACCNA).  Their accreditation program helped to feed my insatiable appetite for color knowledge.  Color, when applied to spaces, can completely change your perception of the environment. With my formal training and real world experience, you get concrete analysis paired with raw intuition.

As a color consultant, I work directly with residential and business clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also enjoy collaborating and problem solving with other design professionals.  When I’m not working, I am painting peonies, or busy trying to keep up with our our ten year-old daughter and 2 dogs.

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Rachel Perls
San Francisco Bay Area